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Art is the Dance of Life

soul-dance-card-copyIf my paintings could speak they would say, “Dance baby dance. Dance however you can, whenever you can, as often as you can. Dance baby dance.” And so I dances — with paint, brush, palette knife, colour. I throw my spirit at the canvas, hurling my body into the air. I leap into every opportunity to express my creative essence. On canvas. On paper. In word, in story, in artistic expression. I dance.

I dance with the sun and the moon. The stars and the sand. I dance at the edge of the waters of life ebbing and flowing upon the tides. I dance in the rain and under a night time sky. Always, I dance with life and like my paintings, my dance is one of joy, exhilaration, compassion and Love. Always, my paintings are an expression of the beauty I experience  in every moment. Always, my paintings invite everyone to let go of limitations and open up to expansion.feed-your-dreams-copy

Life is a dance and in my dance, I aim to inspire others to let go of control, to give into being in the flow of life where joy rises up and washes over the soul of our humanity connected in this journey called life.

My art is an expression of my dance and my gratitude for life, for love, for joy, for beauty. And with every stroke I say, Thank you. Thank you the sun and the moon and the stars and the sand. Thank you light. Thank you darkness.

Thank you. Let’s dance!


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  1. Blessings from the past! This is Sherry & Chris Reynolds, we went to an art show in Black Diamond and fell in love with 1 artist in practical. She spoke so much to us and especially about Megz that we had to buy Megz one of her paintings and guess who that artist is!!!! I’ve been reading your information and and I am so thrilled with your journey and so happy you have connected so deeply with your soul. Bravo girl!! I love your write up about your life being a dance, beautiful imagery . We have just recently moved from the Okanagan back to AB (Black DIamond) to be nearer to family. We are down the street from Logan and her partner and closer to our very precious granddaughters and Megz, they are just outside of Swift Current. When we open up more I would love to give you an in person hug. Hugs to the Liseanne & Alexis. Namaste, Sherry 250-473-5711
    (The picture we bought Megz is #45 of #ShePersisted)

    1. OMG!!!! So amazing!!!! I just spoke with Alexis and Liseanne and they send their love and hugs back! What an amazing world we live in — and wow! I feel so honoured that you fell in love with one of my pieces and had to buy it for Megz… And I am so absolutely thrilled that one of my #ShePersisted series spoke to you – this is the first time I’ve made any of the series oavailable for purchase — and I’m so thrilled you are the first to buy one! The series has been an amazing project for me — I understand that desire to live nearer to family. Liseanne is in Calgary but Alexis and James (and Thurlow and Ivy) are in Vancouver — it feels so far away! I look forward to that hug and to giving you one — how lovely to reconnect — I’ll be in Black Diamond on Monday morning to pick up my art and will give you a call (it’s weird not being present at the show — which makes it even more astounding that my work is the work that spoke to you!… Hugs and love — I look forward to connecting. Namaste

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