seven ways to love copy


It is part of our human nature. The desire to be loved, to know love, to be loving. In love, there are no mistakes, there is only love.

Love is the thread that weaves our lives together into a magical tapestry of joy and hope and possibility. Love is all around. There is no separation between where love begins and ends. There is no end to Love. Just as there is no separation between where Love is present because Love is everywhere. Love is always present. It infuses all, washing over pain and grief and sorrow until all that is left is all that there is in Love.

Seven Ways to Love are simple guidelines to find the ‘more’ of what you want in Love. There is nothing to buy, nothing to obtain, nothing to work towards in these steps, there is only you and Love.

Please download your copy of The Seven Ways to Love HERE.  And if you have a moment, do share your thoughts, feelings, shiftings you experience in following The Seven Ways to Love. And do feel free to share The Seven Ways to Love with your loved ones.

Together, we can create a world of love all around.