Artful words to inspire fearless living, everyday.

©2017 – 2021 Louise Gallagher

Ever since the moment I read the account of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s shunning in Congress, and the utterance of the words, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” I have felt a voice within, compelling me to create art that speaks to the courage that exists within women, and all of us, to resist bully’s, push back against discrimination and stand up for one another, our feminine essence, our humanity.

This series is my rebellion.

I am not a placard-bearing, slogan chanting protester. I am strong and forthright. Willing to step in and be heard. In my way.

And that is the feminine and the feminist way. We do not insist we all fit into the same box. Or that we protest in the same voice. We accept the many different ways, the many different voices, the many different stances.

This series, #ShePersisted, is my way.

My way joins with millions of women and men worldwide who march, and who gather, around the well, in playgrounds and parks and living rooms and coffee shops and around kitchen tables. We are the voices of compassion. Possibility. Hope. We are the flow. The ebb. The sisterhood. The humankind. The stewards of all life. The birthing wombs of our humanity.

In our voices, in our wombs, in our hands reaching out, inward and towards one another. In our standing alone and together in the clear and visible awesome beauty of our femininity. Our truth.

We are rising.

This series is for me. It is for you. It is for each of us. All of us.

Nevertheless, #ShePersisted — The Series 

©2017 – 2021 Louise Gallagher

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#ShePersisted Series No. 1 – 27

All artwork and quotes created by Louise Gallagher

#ShePersisted Series No 28 –

Paintings and words by Louise Gallagher