DandelionCover.inddOnce Upon A Time, Prince Charming rode in and offered a maiden a short cut to happiness. She climbed upon his mighty steed and rode off in the direction of happily ever after to awaken, lost and alone, on the road to hell. In the throes of his whispered ‘til death do us part’, a miracle drove up in a blue and white police cruiser and set her free.

With seventy-two cents in her pocket, a suitcase of clothes and her faithful Golden Retriever, she must find the answers to why she fell so hard upon the road of life or lose herself in the memory of his love. With nowhere to go but into herself, she finds her truth buried deep beneath the horror of his abuse.

The Dandelion Spirit tells one woman’s courageous journey away from abuse and into her one true self. Layer by layer, Louise Gallagher peels away Prince Charming’s mask to reveal the terror of his lies and her descent into hell. With aching honesty and tender loving care, she illuminates her path back to life and leaves a trail for others to follow. One step at a time.


The Dandelion Spirit: A true life fairytale of love, lies and letting go, is the true, and sometimes painful, story of how Louise Gallagher fell into the arms of love, only to discover herself on the road to hell. It is a story of loss, of fear, of giving up, and of holding on and standing up again.

Today, Louise lives life on the other side of her comfort zone. Fearless and free, she continues to inspire people to live in the rapture of now, and to never quit believing in themselves, and the power of love.

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