An advent celebration through reflection and meditation.

It is that holy time of year again. A time when the Christian world awaits with expectant breath the coming of a child. A time when fir trees are adorned with glistening lights and carolers sing out to passers-by and children smile at snow falling and presents piling up under the tree. It is a time to celebrate the sacred nature of our world, the miracle of life.

No matter your faith, making time for the sacred in the everyday world is a time for renewal, for pause, for welcoming in the light. It is a time to make room for gifts, the gift of life, the gift of love, peace, hope and joy.

It is a time to celebrate the human condition in all its manifestations here on earth. It is a time to celebrate Advent – the coming into being – of not just the Christ child, but of us all.

For the next four weeks, beginning Monday, November 30, I shall be sharing a weekly reflection on Advent along with a short meditation which I have called, Monday Lights. These reflections will draw us into the light, connecting us to the sacred nature of this holy time of year and opening us up to our spiritual essence.

I invite you to join me. There is no charge for this course, only your time, attention and willingness to draw deep into the well of your essential core to discover your magnificent self in the wonder of a child’s birth.

To participate in Make Time for the Sacred I invite you to click the link below which will be updated each Monday with the new meditative/contemplative practice for the week.  (Bookmark this page for easy access every week.)

Make Time for the Sacred

Week 1

Monday Lights:  This is a time of anticipation and preparation.