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She Dares 21 Day Journal — A Creative Guide to Living Your Dreams

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Learning to Fly

Download – 20 Attitudes and Actions to Help You Make Your Dreams Come True.


Vision Board 2021

A step-by-step guide on creating a Vision Board – includes a Guided Visualization.


Inspiring Acts of Grace in Everyday Living

52 Acts of Grace


Every week I suggest an Act of Grace you can perform to create space for harmony and grace in your everyday living. To see all the Acts of Grace I’ve shared thus far, click HERE, or, you can download the PDF of all the Acts of Grace as they’re shared — 52-acts-of-grace-weekly-listing.  You can click on each link and read both the Act of Grace and the story I share about using that particular Act in my life.

To receive the Acts of Grace as I share them, please follow me on my blog:  Dare Boldly.


Speeches & Presentations

  2016 Calgary Lantern Festival — Let us disarm, disengage, disconnect nuclear warheads.

Free Courses:

Living Joy Right Now!_edited-1

Living Joy Right Now! — 7 steps to embracing joy in the moment of being right here, right now.

Click HERE for more information and to download this free guide.

Online Courses:

Right Your Heart Out! — a poetic guide to falling into love with you, your life and everyone in it.

Click HERE for more information and to download this exciting, 21-day course


Download HERE.

This course is designed for creatives, the creative curious and curious at heart. You don’t need to be an artist, a poet, a candlestick maker. All you need is a desire to fall more deeply in love with yourself, your life and everyone in it.

This course is being offered until April 15th at NO COST to download! After April 15th the cost to download will be $10.95.

Download HERE.



The Dandelion Spirit. A true life fairytale of Love, Lies and Letting go. By Louise Gallagher

Click HERE for more information and to download the PDF of the book for only $10.95