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BLOG: Dare Boldly

Dare Boldly

In March, 2007, I started my first blog, Recover Your Joy. During that time, I worked at Canada’s largest homeless shelter. Just walking into the shelter it was easy to feel like I made a difference. A smile. A welcoming comment. Listening. Acknowledging someone’s presence, it’s hard not to add value when surrounded by people whose lives are in disarray, who are searching for a way to find meaning, direction, substance in their lives when they have nothing to give but their stories, and their shared experiences.

When I left working at the shelter in january 2012,  I was worried I would lose that sense of living on purpose, of knowing I made a difference, and so, I started a new blog, A Year of Making a Difference (which is now titled, Dare Boldly) to embed making a difference into my every day.

I continue to write on my blog every day and invite you to come join me on a daily quest of seeing and feeling and knowing that we each have the capacity to make a difference when we Dare Boldly and Live Bravely. And in our courage to act out on what our heart calls us to do, we make a difference through each act of grace we inspire, and commit, everyday.

Please drop by. I’d love to say hello and get to know you.


Dare Boldly